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Resources to help you lead your virtual small group!

We are incredibly thankful for all of you! Thank you for bearing with us as we navigate this fluid situation caused by COVID-19. We want to continue to give you the opportunity to connect with your students and give them space to process all that's going on in their lives as you inspire them to follow Jesus. 

Below you'll find several resources that will help you set up your virtual small groups using a platform called Zoom as well as some best practices for structuring your time together as a small group. 

We'll also link the weekly Leader Guide here for your reference. 

June 28

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No Regrets, Week 2



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How-to guide to leading a virtual small group


Every student must have parental consent on file in order to participate in your virtual group and to receive the daily devotional text messages from Transit. If a student does not have this consent, they cannot be part of your group meeting.

Parent Permission Form


Pre-Call Welcome: Use the chat feature to send a welcome message for your participants to see when they arrive to the Zoom meeting.

Welcome: Start your call by welcoming students and taking attendance. You can see who is on the call by selecting [Manage Participants] at the bottom of your screen.

Instructions and Small Group Rules: You may want to use this time to orient your students to the platform, give them insight into how it works, and review any small group rules you want to use in this virtual setting (raise your hand to speak, use the chat feature if you have a question, etc.)

Check-In: Invite students to share how they are doing, how they are feeling, etc. One idea is to have each student share a word about how they are feeling that day.

Discussion: Jump into discussing today’s content, using the Leader Guide to help facilitate.

Engage: Transition to ways your group can stay connected during this time (GroupMe, YouVersion Devotional, etc.).

Prayer: Ask the group for any prayer requests and close in prayer.