FOR ATL Summer: Furniture Bank

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No one should have to walk through the door after a long day at work or school to cold, empty rooms… no couch to sit on, no table to eat at, and no beds to sleep in.

Furniture Bank clients have worked hard to overcome homelessness and financial hardships. They have often spent all of their limited resources on the first month’s rent and have no money left to purchase furniture. Furniture Bank helps to provide essential household furniture to individuals and families who would otherwise be without.

To create more beds to sleep in, our partner Furniture Bank is excited to launch their new Mattress Recycling Program!

Each year, the Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta recycles over 25,000 mattresses. 5,000 mattresses that are in good condition are recycled by finding homes with kids, parents, and grandparents who are sleeping on the floor. The rest of the mattresses need to be broken down in order to be recycled.

Your fee ensures your mattress does not end up in a landfill.

Fee to recycle:

  • Mattress $25
  • Box Spring $15

Donate your old mattress and box spring and generate both revenue and supplies to turn more houses into homes!

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