DIY Projects

Serve with your family, with your small group, or on your own

Helpful for our partners. Convenient for you.

Completing a service project is a great way to get involved in our community, but sometimes it's hard to volunteer on-site with a nonprofit. These step-by-step DIY guides allow you to participate in a service project on your terms. They're great for you, your family, or your small group. If you complete a DIY project, register your participation so we can measure our collective impact in our city.

Atlanta Mission

Atlanta Mission is the city’s largest and longest-running provider of services to homeless men, women, and children.

Collecting the Basics

Buckhead Christian Ministry

Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM) works to prevent hunger and homelessness for local people facing life-changing events such as job loss, a reduction in work hours, or medical problems.

Clothing & Household Items Collection

Hygiene Items Collection

City of Refuge

City of Refuge is dedicated to community development efforts that lead to the stability and sustainability of the local community. 

The Basics Drive

Kit for New Moms

Move-in Kit

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

The Furniture Bank’s vision is for all individuals and families in need to have the necessary furniture to live safely and securely.

Ikea Dresser Build

Bed in a Bag Kits

Kitchen Kits


MedShare is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life through recovering unused medical supplies and equipment and redistributing it to those most in need.

Maternal & Child Health Supplies

Mobility Supplies Collection