Countdown to Christmas

Check back each day to find more family fun.

Family Countdown to Christmas

We've got 12 days of fun planned for you and your family beginning on December 14!


Gather your supplies!

  • Christmas pictures from previous years
  • Hot cocoa
  • Apple cider
  • Eggnog
  • Paper, markers, and scissors
  • Board game, card game, or video game
  • Graham crackers, frosting, and small candies
Dec 14 open

Day 1: December 14

Gather around the tree, the fireplace, or your table with mugs of hot cocoa. Look at old Christmas pictures and share your favorite Christmas memories. Talk about the memories you want to make this Christmas season.

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Day 2: December 15

Have a kid-friendly holiday beverage tasting. Make hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and eggnog. Have everyone try all three and rank them from most to least favorite.

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Day 3: December 16

Sometimes the holidays can be difficult for people. Make homemade Christmas cards for someone you know who is going through a hard time. Make a plan to send or deliver the cards.

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Day 4: December 17

Have a Christmas music dance party! Pick a few favorites and dance nonstop for 10 minutes! Or, if your kids are older, have hot cocoa and let each person choose a favorite Christmas song to create a family playlist.

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Day 5: December 18

It’s a great night for looking at Christmas lights! Listen to your Christmas playlist and stop by Starbucks for a warm drink or Chick-fil-A for a milkshake on your way. Find a Christmas light scavenger hunt online to make it more fun!

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Day 6: December 19

Let’s play some “reindeer games”! Grab a board game, card game, or video game and have fun together!

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Day 7: December 20

Practice putting others first. Put everyone’s name in a cup and have each person draw a name. Find a way to secretly serve that person over the next 24 hours!

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Day 8: December 21

Mix it up! Tonight for dinner, have a picnic on the floor by the Christmas tree! 

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Day 9: December 22

Wishing for snow? Using paper and scissors, make snowflakes to decorate your home.

You could also use rolled-up socks or wads of paper and have a family snowball fight inside! To make it more challenging, split into teams and play dodgeball with your “snowballs.”

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Day 10: December 23

Have a friendly gingerbread house competition. Give each person (or team) graham crackers, frosting, and candy toppings. Set a time limit and see what everyone comes up with! Another option is to look online for gingerbread houses and see who can find the best one.

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Day 11: December 24

Take a funny family Christmas selfie and text it to someone who lives far away. In the message, tell this person something you appreciate about them.

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Day 12: December 25

Merry Christmas! Find a few minutes today to watch this Christmas video together and remember the reason we celebrate today!